Living with two Dragons fans can be tough, but being a Dragons fan in 2017 might’ve been tougher. Using the results, and the reactions to them, BRAYDEN ISSA reviews the Dragons’ rollercoaster season, capturing the emotional journey that ended in bitterly disappointing fashion on Sunday evening.
1. Anticipation
Round 1 is steadily approaching, but there is real doubt: the entire front-row is unfamiliar, genuine questions over Paul McGregor as a coach, and do we really trust Josh McCrone?
This season is going to be interesting, but probably not enjoyable.
2. Shock
Woah! A flying start, laying waste to ‘competition favourites’ (still hilarious) Penrith. “That Paul Vaughn guy goes alright, even McCrone had a blinder!
Ah, a little stumble against Parra and we’re back on the horse. But at 3-4, and the finals are looking like a real possibility, right…?
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